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Here we gonna provide you all the pdf of all chapters of biology subject of class 12th for hindi medium students for all state boards like UP , RBSE , UBSE , MPBSE , BSEB Bihar School Examination Board , Board of Secondary Education, Madhya Pradesh , Uttarakhand Board of School Education , BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION, RAJASTHAN, AJMER 2023 updated notes.

1. जीवों में जनन

2. पुष्पीय पादपों में लैंगिग जनन

3.मानव जनन

4. जनन स्वास्थ्य

5. वंशानुगति और विविधता सिद्धांत

6. वंशागति का आण्विक आधार

7. विकास

8-9. मानव स्वास्थ्य एवं रोग

10. मानव कल्याण में सूक्ष्म जीव

11. जैव प्रौद्योगिकी- सिद्धांत व प्रक्रम

12. जैव प्रौद्योगिकी एवं उसके उपयोग

13. जीव और समष्टियाँ

14. परितंत्र

15. जैव विविधता एवं संरक्षण

16. पर्यावरण के मुद्दे

Click on chapter name given above and you will get the chapter notes in hindi in pdf form.there are 16 chapters in class 12 biology subject in ncert which name have been given above with chapter wise pdf so that you have to download only that chapter which you wish to read today or that particular time when you hit the link to start your wishing chapter pdf.

All the chapter contains its related to full chapter topic so that you can easily learn and understand the topic and remember the whole chapter in your fingertip .

Class 12 Biology Notes in hindi download pdf chapter wise

If you feel some problem by finding your chapter in hindi language than we have also provided here the english name of the chapters so that you can easily find your wishing chapter in english . sometimes it happens that you missed some days for go to school and in that time you also miss the notes making in your class room and that why you never written these notes to your book , for such type of problems we are here to provide you all notes which are complete and easy to access in pdf file. you will find all short and long description about the all important topics which can appear in your 12th board examination 2022 or 2023. here the solutions of all 12th biology chapter click on the pdf file or name of the chapter.

Chapter 2 – पुष्पी पादपों में लैंगिक जनन

Chapter 3 – मानव जनन

Chapter 4 – जनन स्वास्थ्य

Chapter 5 – वंशागति तथा विविधता के सिद्धांत

Chapter 6 – वंशागति के आण्विक आधार

Chapter 7 – विकास

Chapter 8 – मानव स्वास्थ्य तथा रोग

Chapter 9 – खाद्य उत्पादन में वृद्धि की कार्यनीति

Chapter 10 – मानव कल्याण में सूक्ष्म जीव

Chapter 11 – जैव प्रद्योगिकी – सिद्धांत व प्रक्रम

Chapter 12 – जैव प्रद्योगिकी एवं उसके उपयोग

Chapter 13 – जीव और समष्टियाँ

Chapter 14 – परितंत्र

Chapter 15 – जैव विविधता एवं संरक्षण

Chapter 16 – पर्यावरणीय मुद्दे

Chapter 17 – प्रयोगात्मक एवं प्रोजेक्ट कार्य

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