Question : Give a brief account of the results of the French State Revolution. / What were the results of the French Revolution (UPSC mains , PCS mains , class 10 , class 9)

Answer : In the France history the important change take place from French State Revolution which was started on 5 May 1789 and this Revolution was going on almost 10 years it means till 9 Nov 1799. This was a very big change in French history in the point of view political and social changes. several changes can be seen from this historical incident which is given as follows –

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The French Revolution holds a very important and proud place not only in the history of Europe but also in the history of the whole world. It ended the medieval system (feudal system) in the true sense and started a new era. This revolution was fought equally with both ideas (ideological or intellectual revolution) and weapons and first in France, then in all Europe, the autocratic and feudal system was overthrown. Instead, the winds of democratic values, socio-economic equality, freedom and nationalism were shed. That is why Ramsey Mayor has called the
French state revolution as a world revolution.

Results of the French Revolution

1. The credit for the complete end of the feudal system goes to French Revolution. All privileges, related taxes and
customs were first abolished in France. In the course of time, due to its effect, it was decided to end this system
outside France as well.
2. The rise and development of nationalism is a great contribution of the French Revolution. When France was
attacked to crush the revolution, the French patriots defended the country from the enemies by singing the national
anthem of Marseillaise (La Marseillaise is national anthem of France which is written by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle in 1792). This national feeling had made the French army undefeated. This feeling of nationalism
spread in Europe and the world and in the end Napoleon was also defeated by this spirit.
3. The revolution emphasized the personal, social, political and religious freedom of human beings and rejected the autocratic monarchy and related laws.
4. Promoted the democratic spirit by replacing the divine rights of the king with establishment of popular sovereignty.
5. The emergence of a secular state – as a result of the French Revolution, religious tolerance and secularism started
in Europe.
6. Declaration of human rights (civil rights) is also a great contribution of this revolution. This declaration emphasized that sovereign power was vested in the people and that the law was the expression of the will of the people.
Newspapers were given freedom.
7. Social Change – The French Revolution was also a social revolution. It established social equality by abolishing
privileges. Now everyone could proceed on his own merit. The revolution also gave wide rights to women.
With the removal of Business related barriers, the introduction of a fair and equitable tax system and the introduction of a new weighing system, trade-commerce got a lot of impetus. This led to the development of the middle class.
8. There were extensive reforms related to education. Instead of the church, the government now took over the system of public education.
9. In seed form the beginning of socialism is also considered from the French Revolution. The Jacobin party had shown this spirit by advocating the poor.
10. Other Results – i. Europe remained turbulent and at war for more than two decades as a result of the French Revolution.
ii. The active participation of the public in politics is also considered to be the result of the French Revolution.
It is thus clear that this revolution had a huge impact on the whole world. Swain considered it the starting point of
modern history.

According to historian Marriott, if the American Revolution planted the seed of freedom, then the French Revolution germinated that seed. because just before French Revolution , American Revolution (1765 and 1791) had done which made changes at very large scale in America. so we can say that French Revolution was happened with inspiration of American Revolution.

Jawaharlal Nehru is of the opinion that the French state revolution ended but democratic ideas spread throughout Europe and with it all the principles propounded by the Declaration of Human Rights spread.