here you will get rbse class 10 social science book in english pdf download | chapter wise full book social science as per your rajasthan state board english language.
We are providing this book as per your choice in chapterwise so that millions of students appearing in rajasthan’s state board 10th class will be get benefits of this initiative , they can download all the chapters as per their requirement and can start their study any time anywhere.
This book contains 20 chapters as given below , choose chapter name and click on name of chapter to read online or download the pdf file :-
chapter 1 : glorious india from the beginning to 1206 ce (glorious bharat)
chapter 2 : india during the struggle period : from 1206 AD to 1757 AD (bharat during struggling period 1206 to 1757 AD)
chapter 3 : retaliation and struggle of british empire
chapter 4 : history of the world
chapter 5 : democracy (what is democracy and its need etc.)
chapter 6 : central government (important facts and importance of it etc. )
chapter 7 : the state government (role of state government in it’s state and powers etc.)
chapter 8 : water resources (meaning , need , importance etc.)
chapter 9 : agriculture in india (types , need , benefits , uses etc.)
chapter 10 : minerals and energy resources (definitions , meaning , uses , need)
chapter 11 : manufacturing industries (what are the sectors it covers , importance etc.)
chapter 12 : human resources (meaning , planning , and it’s management)
chapter 13 : transport and communication (networks , it’s need and uses in our life )
chapter : 14 : economic concepts and planning (definition in details and important facts )
chapter 15 : characteristics and new trends of indian economy (study in different sectors in the point of india view)
chapter 16 : challenges before indian economy (what are the difficulties we are facing)
chapter 17 : money and financial institutions (meaning and need of it)
chapter 18 : consumer and legal awareness and right to information (what we need to know about our rights)
chapter 19 : road safety education (what we should know before to walk on roads)
chapter 20 : cleanliness and solid waste management (how we can make clean our city , village and county clean)